Beijing ZJ Think Tank Limited is a third-party company that focus on educational evaluation. It is a non-government think tank that is formed by education experts, professional school inspectors, and principals from all levels of educational institutes including kindergartens and preschools. Our mission is to strive for the truth and create innovations. We focus on the assessing and evaluating all levels of schools from K-12; focus on inspecting them from political, academic, and quality aspects; focus on analyzing big data in education industry; and focus on using new media technologies to provide professional training and consulting services.

    ZJ Think Tank combines the informationization and modernization of education and links all the educational policies, standards, techniques, and evaluations together, to really push for a greater blue print of using performance assessments and modern technologies that will lead to the future.

    ZJ Think Tank is the engine to drive the transformation of traditional education to future education, narrow the urban-rural gap and prevent any child from falling behind. It will bring significant revolutions to the education industry in different aspects of new technologies, new contents and new methods.

    ZJ Think Tank is perhaps the best big data platform to assist governments, administrative departments, and primary and secondary schools to strengthen their management and enhance their quality. It will create a positive cycle by smart assessments, analyzing big data, and sharing good educational resources.

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